The Bandit's Camp is a region in Broken Valley populated with many level 10-12 bandits. You will go there after informing Lieutenant Louis in the Broken Valley barracks the location of the bandit camp. Some notable facts about the Bandit Camp is the table of stolen weapons in the main part of the camp. While not overly useful, they are rather useful upgrades to your current weapons, and each require you to be level 10. As you progress through the camp during the siege of the camp, you will be aided by some of Rivellon 's finest soldiers. Fenton will give you a quest to help lead the attack on the camp. Towards the back of the camp, a ruined temple is to be found, containing many strong skeletons with high poison damage (20-30 damage per tick) for a level 10 dragon slayer. Jagon, one of the bounties for A Hunting We Shall Go is also found in this cave, who mentions Lord Laiken and if you read Jagon's mind, you will find that he expects a large reward for your head from Lord Laiken, who uses body parts for necromantic experiments.

The best time to enter the Bandit's Camp would be anywhere from 10-15, as long as you go before entering Maxos' Temple.

Also, if you want to earn exp, gold, items e.t.c., when you'll learn for the camp don't inform Lieutenant Louis immediately. Go to the camp and there you can receive quests, find items and other interesting things. When there's nothing else to do, head to Lieutenant Louis and tell him about the camp.

Extras Edit

In the camp, there are five bandits argueing about several weapons, which are on a table. You can take any of those weapons and be requested to leave it on the table again. If you refuse to do so, you'll have to fight against all the five bandits. If you win, you can take the rest of the stolen weapons.

There are two pairs of hanged corpses. Some of them may have gold or items.