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The Dark Cave, also referred to as Bandit Hideout, is located on an Orobas Fjords mountain side.


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It is east of Camp Eagle's Nest and southwest of Camp Sentinel, and is only accessible using Dragon form.

The cave is occupied by bandits, and is involved in two quests:

Near the southern intersection, Sura carries the key required to unlock the eastern gate. In order to get past the magical barrier that blocks access to both quest objectives in the western section of the cave, you have to step on the pressure plates in southeastern tunnel in the correct order. As you approach (from west to east), the order is 3, 1, 4, 2. Along the way to the pressure plates, there are seven droxlerite and venom stone ore veins.

In Ragon's room there are four chests and three ore veins to be looted. Fully manipulate the three golden statues to obtain the Master's Spell Book for Barbatos at the end of the hall (past the statues). If you used mindread on Ragon, be sure to loot the gold bag (also at the end of the hall), as it contains legendary and/or elder items.