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Bark up the Right Tree is a main quest received by speaking to a powerful tree named Nericon that is guarding the way into the Crow's Nest. Nericon kills anyone who attempts to pass, human or otherwise.


Approach the Champion Casca in Mardaneus Plaza near the city gates. One of his men Bubo will go headlong through the barricade towards Crow's Nest and get struck down by conjured lightning. When approached, the tree speaks in a strange tongue that you don't understand. Behrlihn, appalled by the Dragon Knight's lack of linguistic skills suggests searching a library for an ancient grammar book. Any attempt to pass the tree will result in the Dragon Knight's death at this stage.

Access to the Forbidden Archive (which is accessible only after completing Seahorse Salad) at the Prancing Seahorse on Lanilor Lane and locate the lesson on the Elven Alphabet, on top of a stack of books on the west side of the library.

Read the book and return to Nericon. Suggest that if he allows passage, an end to the undead that plagues the city can be brought about. The Nericon will then allow passage.




  • You can now explore Crow's Nest
  • Grants the "Oaken Resolve" achievement