Divinity 2 Barnabus


Barnabus is a necromancer residing in the Sinister Cavern in the Orobas Fjords. He is the former master of Igor who ran away to Jonelath, and seems to hold a grudge about that.

Barnabus is a mage-styled enemy that is easy to dodge. You must deactivate his barriers, whose sources are found inside a couple of teleporting pads, to get to him. He summons a level 22 warrior creature as aid, and heals it.

If you used mindread on the demon Razakel when confronting Laiken in the Battle Tower, he will drop Razakel's Hammer in addition to his own hammer and ring when he dies.

Book of the DeadEdit

The book that Igor/Jonelath sends you in search of, required for the first upgrade for your necromancy platform is found through the topmost teleporter.