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Bartender is a side quest given by Najaad at Wild Willows Manor in the Crow's Nest district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Najaad, the goblin-turned-troll is locked in a cage in the northeast wing of the asylum. It seems that he is parched, and would like a drink quench his thirst.

Finding Najaad[]

Wild Willows Manor teddy stands on pressure plate (D2 FoV location)

Teddy stands on a pressure plate

Finding Najaad is more complicated than completing the quest itself. To do so, when you first walk into the building, follow the short hall ahead and take the first right into the lobby. Proceed forward (east) until you reach to the dining hall. Go left (north), and attempt to activate one of the pressure plates at the far end. Turn around, and go south through the door at the other end of the dining hall. Explore the southeast wing of the asylum briefly. By standing on a pressure plate and entering the southeast wing you've triggered a confrontation with a criminal known as Jango the Ripper. Head back towards the lobby and you will encounter him along the way. You can choose to:

  1. Work with Jango to activate the plates (by selecting the "polite conversation" dialogue option), or,
  2. Battle him immediately (by choosing the "oak casket" option). If you do this, loot the Cage Key cell from his remains, use it to free Teddy from his cell directly north of the building's entrance, and ask him to help you with the pressure plates.

Return to the pressure plates in the dining hall and step on one. Whoever you choose to help will step on the second plate, raising the north wall and allowing you to proceed. Enter the northeast wing of the asylum and you'll find Najaad's cell in the southwest corner.


By talking with Najaad for the first time you'll receive the quest to give a drink. Despite the title of the quest and the dialogue, the drink does not have to contain alcohol. If you have ale, beer, juice, water, or wine in your inventory you're able to complete the quest immediately. If you don't have one, you can try to find a drink as random loot in the asylum's barrels and crates. Otherwise, you may need to, visit Kaan on Lanilor Lane or Ricky at the Phoenix Inn in the Great Market to purchase one.

After giving him a drink to complete the quest, you can enter the room directly north of his cell and loot the Troll Cell Key from the necromancer's corpse to free him. Asking why he doesn't leave his cell begins the follow-up quest, The Blighted Beaker.

Journal Updates[]

Event Journal Entry
Quest Accepted There is a very thirst troll in one of the cells. I wonder if I want to hear the story behind this one...
Drink Acquired There is a very thirst troll in one of the cells. I wonder if I want to hear the story behind this one... I could offer him a drink...
Quest Complete After I had given Najaad a drink, he told me he's not a troll at all: but that he's been cursed with eternal thirst. Hey, that rhymes.


  • 4783 exp and 600 gold
  • One choice of: 2435 exp, 600 gold, 1 gem, 25 herbs, or 5 ore