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Vendor prices are affected by attitude and bartering skill.

First off, attitude seems to simply be (charisma+reputation)*5. Attitude is capped at 100, and bartering is functionally capped at 5. If not high attitude/bartering would allow for the buying of items for less than their worth and resell them for more.

Items have an actual value listed on the tooltip, but you usually pay a hefty markup. For buying items you start off paying 2.5x the actual price at 0 attitude and 0 bartering. The full formula for the price increase factor when buying is:


The selling formula is similar to the buying formula but starts at 2.5x less (0.4 factor) at 0 attitude and 0 bartering:


Anyway, what this all means is that with:

  • 0 attitude and 0 bartering, you pay 250% and sell items for 40%
  • 100 attitude and 0 bartering, you pay 200% and sell for 50%
  • 0 attitude and 5 bartering, you pay 150% and sell for 66.7%
  • 100 attitude and 5 bartering, you pay 100% and sell for 100%

Note: This was all done with limited testing, so there could be mistakes somewhere, but the formula matches what I'm seeing in-game.

Either a patch or Enhanced Edition appears to have changed this formula for the worse. Bartering is now significantly less effective. The new formulae are:

Buy Price = Base Price * (2.7 - 0.005*Attitude - 0.1 * Bartering)

Sell Price = 1 / Buy Price

In order to buy and sell at par now, you would require 100 Attitude and a Bartering skill of 12. As bonuses to Barter seem to appear on only two pieces of equipment (Necklaces & Boots), the best you can currently get is a skill of 7 with NPCs and 8 with PCs (due to Egotistical).

This gives, at a Bartering skill of 8 and 100 Attitude:

Buy Price = Base Price * 1.4

Sell Price = Base Price * 0.71

Bartering Skill & Gear[]

You can find Boots and Amulets that offer Bartering skill.

Bartering gains +1 from the Egotistical Trait.

General Tips for Buying and Selling[]

  • You can keep items with +bartering and +charisma and equip them before talking to a vendor (if you can be bothered). You can craft +1 charisma belts, rings, and amulets. See the crafting guide for more info (NOTE: Unless you have an amulet that offers both Charisma and Bartering, it is better to use a Bartering amulet to raise bartering towards 5 rather than a Charisma amulet).
  • Keep in mind that henchmen and companions have no charisma stat and probably have less reputation than your main characters.
  • Some quests reward extra attitude points towards an npc, so do your shopping/selling with them if possible.
  • You can give NPCs money and items and you will get (partywide) attitude in return. 20 value or gold equates to +1 attitude (200 gold for 1 attitude for Teller of Secrets). Meaning 2000 gold raises their rep from 0 to 100. It might be worth it if you do a lot of trading with an npc, but the generally low amounts of gold they have available probably makes it not worthwhile. Keep in mind reputation is free attitude!
  • You should only increase an NPC's attitude with money when:
    • You will buy items which have a total worth of at least 40000 gold (actual worth, not vendor price).
    • You have a high bartering skill, and sell items with a total worth of at least 20000 (if you increase attitude by 100) to 40000 gold. (Again, actual worth, not vendor price.)
    • A combination of the above.

Credit to prdm @ Reddit