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The Battle Tower on Sentinel Island was once ruled by the great magician, Maxos before he disappeared. A few hundred years after Maxos disappeared, the evil necromancer, Laiken broke the magical wards on it and took it over. It was used for his evil experiments into the undead until the Dragon Knight slew every evil creature inside and took it over. It is now used to further his/her quest.

IMPORTANT! Any quests that you have in Broken Valley will be failed when you kill Laiken and take control of the Battle Tower.

Platforms Edit

The characters within these areas depend on the Knight's choices during The Prophecy quest.

Alchemy Garden Alchemist Create potions out of the formulas and herbs that you have found throughout your travels.
Necromancy Ring  Necromancer Create your creature out of the creature parts that you have found. Your creature uses half of your maximum mana to summon.
Training Arena Skill Trainer Increase the max potential of skills.
Workshop Enchanter Enhance your weapons, armour and jewelry using enchanting formulas. Enchantments use gems and metal ores found throughout the game.

Battle Tower servantsEdit

Name Job Speciality # Battle Tower upgrades
Barbatos Alchemist Being better than Allan 3
Allan Alchemist Allan Brew 3
Radcliff Enchanter Weapon Enchantments 1
Wesson Enchanter Armor Enchantments 2
Igor Necromancer Poison and Magical Resistance 3
Jonelath Necromancer Physical Resistance 3
Kenneth Skill Trainer Magical Training 3
Hermosa Skill Trainer Physical Training 3

Other Areas within the Battle Tower Edit

Bedroom Hermaphroditus & Sassan  There is the 'coffer', which is a chest that can be used for storage.
Throne Room  Kirill, Salome & Runners Your runners gather gems, ores, and herbs at your whim. Other than the throne, there is a Dancer & Bard to entertain you.

Secret: Chest Puzzle Edit

  1. Pickup the Key hidden on one of the tables in the Alchemy Garden.
  2. Open the chest in the Necromancy Ring that contains gold and a Key.
  3. Open up a chest in the Skill Training Arena that contains gold and a Key.
  4. Open up a chest in the Workshop that contains gold and a Key.
  5. Finally open up a chest in your Personal Quarters that contains random loot.
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