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Beast is a character in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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Beast QuestEdit

Beast can be found at a shipwreck, west of Fort Joy. Invite him to your team to start his quest.

Attitude sourse:

  1. +2 Read the letter in his back and take dialog;
  2. +10 Speak with Laslor
  3. +5 Speak with Brother Bire

At Fort Joy Arena, Carson "The Snickering One" will give him a key to Fort Joy prison (+10 attitude).

After you escaped Fort Joy, let beast speak to Duggan in the Sanctuary of Amadia to learn the location of Lohar.

If Beast is not on your team when you fight Dallis on Lady Vengeance, he cannot be recruited afterward. (He will later compete with you at the Arena of the One on Nameless Isle)

When you reached Reaper's Coast, find Lohar at undertavern. Finish the quest Shadow over Driftwood, you will learn that deathfog crates on peacekeeper have been shipped to Arx.

On nameless Isle, persuade Beast to aid you to become the next Divine.

At Arx, help Beast dealing with Queen Justinia on The Secrets of the Dwarves.


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