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Beauty And The Beast is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin. This quest is obtained from Fumble, the Troll, who can be found South East of Silverglen Village. Fumble is a lonely and depressed troll who demands that you pay a toll (1000 gold) to cross his broken bridge.


  1. Speak to Fumble and Exhaust all dialogue options. He won't attack you if you choose not to pay the toll.
  2. Speak to Ruby just outside Silverglen Inn and hire her to keep Fumble company. This will cost you 2050 gold, which you will get back presently.
  3. In the inter character dialogue, choose between +1 Blunt and +1 Considerate.
  4. Return to Fumble and speak to him after Ruby starts telling him stories. Fumble pays you back the gold you were charged by Ruby.


  • If you killed the Troll King before undertaking this quest, speaking to Fumble about the Troll King's demise will cause him to commit suicide.


  • 1930 XP
  • 2050 Gold (paid back by Fumble)