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The door! You actually opened the door! What a day! Hahaa!

Bedwyr is an enchanter and merchant at the Phoenix Inn in the Great Market district of Aleroth in 1300 AD.


A former friendly rival of Hannibal (their relationship is described as a "bromance" in Bedwyr's Scribbles), he was purposely locked in a second floor room of the inn to prevent him from participating in a competition long ago. When Hannibal fell through a hole in the floor and broke his neck, he remained as a ghost to haunt the inn and prevent anyone from taking the "Enchanter Room Key" to set Bedwyr free. Eventually he turned to necromancy to stay alive, albeit as a skeleton.

When he is found by the Dragon Knight, Bedwyr is eager to begin enchanting again, but requires a Goblin Energy Orb to use his machines (quest: Fire 'em Up). If you find one for him, he can serve as your enchanter.

Interactions with player character[]


Merchant Inventory


* Also sells ultimate-quality enchantment formulas


I know it would be useless to drink it without papillae, but still I should like an amphora of High Hall wine, just to remind me of foregone days.
Reveals that he craves High Hall Wine for the quest Mind over Matter

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