Behrlihn is a Mage and Follower of Chaos. He was a part of a council of wizards that wished to bring forth the Chaos demon, however not all wizards agreed on this and therefore contacted the other races and started the Council of Seven. Afterwards the War of the Wizards begun, which ended in the Council winning. All of the Chaos mages were afterwards executed and their essences were extracted from their lifeless bodies including Behrlihn.

Behrlihn's essence was imprisoned beneath the Champion's Academy and the tomb entrance was guarded by two barriers: a magical shield and a lock which requires five orbs to open.

Behrlihn's consciousness was freed when Zandalor removed the shield, the first barrier, and used it to shield Aleroth from a fleet of flying fortresses. Now partly free, the Chaos mage sought the trapped Dragon Knight and struck a deal: free him and Lucian will walk among his people once more. Throughout his quest the Dragon Knight searched for keys and clues to Behrlihn's revival, he acted as a tutor; albeit a snarky one with disturbing tendencies. He would point out places of importance to his subject, eager to hasten his arrival to the mortal plain once more. Bellegar too, was aware of the foul mage lurking around with the Dragon Knight and tried a fair amount to seal both of them back.

If Behrlihn was freed in the end, the treasonous spirit will turn against the Dragon Knight, in aiding Ygerna. Also Willy will be turned into a chicken after attempting to run a con on Behrlihn shortly after his release.