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You met him? I always thought he was a fairytale figure.

Bellegar is a powerful wizard, and probably the finest mage and best mind in Rivellon.[citation needed] However, being a psychotic prankster with rhyming prowess, he has a dubious reputation and is much feared. His antics, while sometimes humorous, can be cruel.


To me, my honeys! To me my girls! Pout your lips and shake your curls!
Bellegar, to his Bellegarettes

Several centuries prior to 4 AR, Bellegar was sealed in the Primordial Cave by Maxos, as punishment for summoning four demons which were beyond his power to control.[1] To occupy his time and stave off boredom, he conjured the Bellegarettes, women who believe the highest attainment a female can achieve is to become one of their ranks.

Following his freedom from the Cave in 4 AR, Bellegar travels to the Phantom Forest, the location of Bellegar's Maze. After the Source Hunters encounter with him here, he is neither seen nor heard from again until 1300AR.

I'll tell you his about Bellegar: in all the universes combined, a greater lunatic you will not find!

In 1300 AR, Bellegar is prowling Broken Valley ensuring chaos wherever he goes, his recorded antics including:

He is first encountered by the Dragon Knight at one of Bellegar's Shrines in Broken Valley, speaking in riddles and summoning goblins. Following the destruction of Broken Valley, he moves on to a Mysterious Cave in Orobas Fjords.

During Damian's assault on Aleroth, Bellegar becomes aware that the Dragon Knight escaped the Plane of Hypnerotomachia and is searching for the means to release the infamous Chaos mage Behrlihn from captivity. Making several attempts to seal the Dragon Knight back into the crystal prison to keep Behrlihn from escaping, but failing, the Dragon Knight defeats him and returns to Aleroth.

Bellegar makes one final attempt at the Antediluvian Vault to stop them, as unsuccessfully as his prior attempts. In a last-ditch effort to stop Behrlihn's resurrection, he offers the Dragon Knight one of his own creations with the same power as what Behrlihn had promised in exchange for the Dragon Knight keeping him imprisoned.

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Interactions with the Player Character - Original Sin[]

Bellegar will give the female Source Hunter the opportunity to be become one of his Bellegarettes, this offer will lead to a discussion between the two Source Hunters and the ability to slide their Pragmatic/Romantic attitude. Occasionally, when initiating this on Xbox One the character who initiated the dialogue will receive the trait bonus and not the other.

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