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The man with the barrels.

This quest is only available if the Cyseal quest The Talking Statues has been completed. East of the Temple of the Dead in the Phantom Forest you will approach Bellegar who is standing on a tree stump surrounded by three barrels. He will address you and explain that only one item can be taken from his treasures.


  1. Only one item can be taken from any of the barrels. Once the item is taken, all three barrels will be destroyed. There are a few things to know that will help getting the best loot:
    • The content of all three barrels can be viewed without destroying them.
    • Each barrel has one legendary item and some random low-mid grade loot.
    • The Loremaster skill can be used on the legendary items while they are still in the barrel.
    • It's safer to click-loot just on the single item instead of the 'loot all' button on the container.
  2. Once all three legendary items are viewed and optionally identified, retrieve the one you want to end the quest for 6560 XP.


  • 6560 Quest XP
  • One legendary item (or a low-mid grade loot if you choose differently)