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Between a Troll and a Hard Place

Black is turn in. Green is location of the trolls. Red line is exp heaven from killing goblins


This quest is given by Brutus. He has sent a patrol of men to the High Hall area to deal with a Troll problem there and he wants you to check on their progress.


Go to High Hill on foot (you cannot fly there).

Once you get there you will automatically initiate a dialogue with Quintus and initiate the quest The Runes of Wrath.

Once you have sorted out the problem, report back to Brutus for your reward. ( 3500 XP and 500 gold )

P.S. : You get a better reward if during " The Runes of Wrath " one of the champions is killed (despite of what Quintus says) .

But if i were you i wouldn`t try to have them killed because you can get more xp by just killing the trolls yourself . It`s up to you ( .4500 XP and 800 gold )