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This quest is triggered when you open the door to the first bedroom upstairs in Silverglen Inn.


  1. Open the bedroom door.
  2. Make a choice for +1 Bold or +1 Cautious. The Bold choice will immediately end the quest here for no reward and will result in the death of the hostage. OR you can cast a rain or freeze Bicky with your 2nd character BEFORE finishing the dialog and stay with the Bold option.
  3. Cast a Rain or Teleportation spell to disable the bomber's fuse or detonate him elsewhere. You can use Jahan for this.
  4. Enter the room for your reward.


  • +1 Bold or +1 Cautious
  • 1930 XP if you save the hostage.
  • +1 Reputation if you save the hostage.
  • -1 Reputation if the hostage dies.