Description Edit

Chills a target. If the target gets chilled twice, they will become frozen.
100% base chance to set DOS Status Effect ChilledChilled-44 Movement
-10% Water Resistance
+10% Fire Resistance
Chilled + Wet = Frozen

Removed by:
DOS Status Effect BurningBurning
DOS Status Effect WarmWarm


Movement -44
Fire resistance +10%
Water resistance -10%

Targets that are wet or already chilled will instead become frozen for the duration.


  • Casting Rain in an area prior to using this skill will make targets wet, making it easy to freeze them and take them out of the fight for a few turns.
  • Remember that frozen targets gain 65 armor and 40% fire resistance, so it's best used to "ignore" an enemy for a few turns.
  • Since the saving throw is based on Air Resistance, this is a very powerful ability against bosses that aren't immune, as many have high Willpower and Body Building saves, making other status effects harder to apply.
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