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We had us a cruise and six days in the sun
But a grave duty calls, so I have to run!
Too dangerous, my charge, for you, dear old boy,
Best you stay here in jolly Fort Joy!

Black Cat is a cat wandering on Fort Joy beach in 1242 AD.


The Black Cat is a resident of Fort Joy and is first encountered on the Fort Joy beach. It will follow the first party member it sees, so if there is more than one person in the party, who the cat will follow will need to be decided prior to approaching the area, and that character should be the first to enter. Only a character with the Pet Pal talent will be able to talk with it. The cat will appear confused when they do.

Save the game just before reaching the cat's spawn point in case it chooses the wrong person, then save again after the character receives the ability to summon it. Avoid the large guarded gate while in Fort Joy at all costs. One of the Magisters will kill the cat immediately if it is spotted.

If the cat is still alive after escaping Fort Joy, the player who was able to converse with the cat will receive the Summon Cat Familiar skill.

Once the cat is summoned, it will typically run away if the player interacts with other things including creatures and companions. It will need to be re-summoned if a waypoint is used. The cat can leap and swap places with the character who summoned it. This can become another way to move a character around.

Related quests[]

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  • The most efficient way to escape with the cat is via the 2nd floor of the Fort Joy Dungeon. To get there, follow The Teleporter quest, or use the hidden hatch beside the Fort Joy Square. Then sneak through The Flensers Playground to the sewer exit (on the north-east side) to the Hollow Marshes.
  • Alternatively, players who picked up the Atusa's questline just outside the main area of Fort Joy may be able to later bribe an NPC for safe passage.
  • Until the cat is rescued by escaping with it, it is not easy to keep the cat alive. You may often have to revert to your last save and try a different approach.
  • You may be tempted to teleport the cat to a location he can't escape from, and come and get him later. However, the damage done by teleportation increases as you level up, so you may find that you can no longer retrieve him without killing him.