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Blacksmithing is the ability a character has to maintain their weapons and armour, as well as create new ones using a forge or anvil. Higher blacksmithing levels will allow a character to create more powerful equipment, as well as repair their current equipment more quickly.

Blacksmithing Skill & Gear[]

You can find Bracers and Belts that can increase Blacksmithing and/or Crafting

The Scientist Talent increases both Blacksmithing and Crafting by 1.

With both gear and talent acquired, you will only need a Blacksmithing skill of 2 to max out.


Blacksmithing level Item Ingredients
1 Dagger At BR5: +Sm: SPD, Sm: DEX, Lg: LCK & Sm: AP Knife + Anvil
1 Sword At BR5: +Lg: DMG, Sm: AP Iron Bar + Anvil
2 2 Handed Sword At BR5: +Lg: DMG, Sm: STR Large Iron Bar + Furnace
2 2 Handed Axe At BR5: +Lg: DMG & Lg: CRIT Large Steel Bar + Furnace
1 Hand Axe At BR5: +Lg: DMG, Lg: CRIT & Sm: AP Steel Bar + Anvil
4 Bar (Tenebrium) Tenebrium Ore + Furnace
3 Armor (Plate) At BR5: +Sm: VIT, Sm: LCK, Sm: Armor Metal Scraps + Hammer
2 Boosted Shield Metal Shield + Anvil

Skill progression[]