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The doctor's arrogance may end us all. He has released a dark presence upon us. It must never sing the Taming; the hymnals must be destroyed!

Blayer Cydow is a human spirit haunting the archives on Bloodmoon Island in 1242 AD.


An archivist on the Bloodmoon island. She took care of the archive when doctor Daeva brought Eleanalessa to the island and unleashed the demon. How she died is not certain, however her spirit continues to search the archives for the missing hymnals.

Interactions with the player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Godwoken may fully speak with her only once. It is possible to ask her about the hymnals, however she will merely say that they open the vaults and dismiss the godwoken and refuse to speak with them.

Related quests[]


  • No matter the dialogue option she always remains turned towards the bookcase.

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