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Blessed Water Balloon is a type of ammunition in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Blessed Water Balloon is a throwable grenade that deals no damage on its own and creates a Blessed Water Surface in 2 meter radius as well as inflicts Wet (Original Sin 2) Wet Status for 2 turns. Due to the grenade leaving blessed water surface it will heal afflicted living characters and deal Physical Damage to all Undead characters.

All characters can throw this grenade. The healing output of this grenade may be increased through Hydrosophist ability and Huntsman ability with the latter increasing bonus provided by height difference.

Since Blessed Water Balloon is a grenade it is affected by Ambidextrous talent which decreases the cost of using grenades and scrolls by 1 AP when the secondary hand is free. Blessed Water Balloon is also affected by Slingshot which increases its range by 5 meters and by Far Out Man talent which increases range by 2 meters.


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Blessed water balloon

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