• Kantraah

    Things needed on the wiki

    November 13, 2019 by Kantraah

    To do: Add more info on the characters 

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  • Sakaratte

    Good day readers.

    As you have noticed, activity dropped this week from an editorial perspective. After spending 25 hours heading home between Monday and Tuesday, I'm sure you can appreciate I'm a little worn out.

    This week as said above hasn't been too busy. Now I'm home though Dakiatte has seen some action, moving Divinity II articles from the old default titles into game specific articles. Why are we doing this? The simple answer is that with so many games, we need to make it easier to see where the game specific articles are. Divinity II's content, as great as it is will have less visibility in the search, so by moving it to a game specific title (such as Divinity II books and notes, it makes it clear that this relates to content for this…

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  • Sakaratte

    Wiki news - 26 Sep 2019

    September 26, 2019 by Sakaratte

    *Cough* *cough* is this bard working?

    Bad fantasy microphones jokes aside, welcome to the first news post on Divinity Wiki since *checks* 2015! Whew, its been a long time since anyone made one of these.

    I imagine most readers who come here have no idea who I am. As my user name goes, I am Sakaratte, also known as the (King) Catmin, or if you ever visit our Discord, I also go by Arhu, because he polymorphs into a cat. I'm sure you can see a pattern emerging here. My first game in the series was Divine Divinity, which I first played back in 2003/2004. I discovered this wiki back in 2017, when looking at the RPG games footer on the Fallout wiki back as a patroller there. That was when I realised there is a whole freaking series of games and prompt…

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  • Solmonster, the Daily Phantom

    - It takes place after Divinity 2. I'm already quite angry that DOS2 took place after Divinity 2, because it means that the only canonical way to end it is surrendering to Lucian.

    - It fixes how Divinity 2 crapped over all the nonhuman races.

    - Imps and Orcs are playable, along with undead versions of them.

    - At last the final defeat of Damian. Oh, and make Damian a compelling villain, not the moron from Divinity 2.

    - 1 word, 8 letters: Bellegar.

    - 1 word, 6 letters: Zixzax

    - An encounter with the God-King, and references to DOS2, for example Lucian's true colours and the Godwoken.

    - An awesome Game Master mode, improved upon the one from DOS2.

    - Less humanocentrism, or whatever it's called.

    - Reuse the Divinity 2 Demon design. That's one thing I r…

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  • Skythera

    Staff Meeting 15-09-2017

    September 15, 2017 by Skythera


    Anyway, for starters I'd like to report that the Add more information at the bottom of the infobox does nothing. Do you have any idea why or what it is supposed to do?


    I'm going with it was planned as a way to add extra fields to the templates but the host never finished it. Unlikely to as they're planning to take visual editor away.


    ok, for the layouts, could we add the no include tags only for stubs and categories? That way the infobox and the rest of the staff would be visible to the user.


    You mean includeonly? No reason why we can't treat is and see it pulls through.

    Test it*


    Could we add a rename template so that if someone thinks an article should be renamed they could note it ?


    Can do. Th…

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  • Sakaratte

    Staff meeting 14-09-2017

    September 14, 2017 by Sakaratte


    So I'll worry out layout designs when I'm home. Let's start with infoboxes


    is that the start of the meeting?


    Yeah let's go lol

    Should have called it to an open.


    ok, for the infoboxes we have capitalization and an edit for books/manuscript show that they have previous and next fields


    For previous and next, what are you thinking usage wise?


    prequel and sequel

    if they have one of couse


    Works for me. I'd just been collecting on one page.

    It doesn't look the nicest tbh.

    Each one to a page with a previous and next would work better.


    Should we put all parts of a series of books in one article?


    Web can look to add a see also at the bottom if people want to skip along.


    I'm confu…

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  • SmurfInHell

    Arcane Archer

    November 6, 2016 by SmurfInHell

    This build focuses on using a class that can effectively use both physical and magical damage variations to great effect. You will not hit CONSISTENTLY hard in physical or magic, but instead trade it off for having small extreme bursts of each. This class is meant to see what the target is weak to then exploit it to the fullest extent. There is a lot of variation in this build (making it either better for single play or party play), so keep that in mind while reading this guide. I will do my best to indicate various differences and options available for this expansive hybrid build.

    This is an interestingly build as it can benefit in a variety of ways from most races which could even depend on how it is played in the long run.

    The elves have …

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  • SmurfInHell

    2 Handed Warrior

    November 6, 2016 by SmurfInHell

    This build will go in depth on one of the most powerful builds in DoS:2 as of 11/6/2016. I will do my best to update the page and keep it in line with new balancing patches. On to the build!

    When it comes to the starting race the ones I most recommend are in order of best to worst: Elf, Dwarf, Human, Lizard.

    Elves have one of the best racial abilities in my opinion. Getting one extra AP AND then +25% extra damage for 3 turns all for -X Constitution is a good tradeoff for this build. This build can normally clear the entirety of the people you're fighting within a turn or two if you setup your fights correctly. On top of this being able to eat corpses to gain skills for free is an exceptionally powerful tool, even early on. The magister leg c…

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  • Realmain

    It’s time for the first update of 2015!

    In addition to a number of bug fixes (thank you for all your feedback!), we’ve gone through all of the encounters in the game and made a ton of balancing changes that we think will make combat even more fun. We’ve also activated the Steam Cloud saves, and we have good news! PC & Mac savegames are compatible. For the modders out there, we can finally release the exporters that will allow you to import your own models and animations into the game.

    Here’s the list of the most important changes and a few important remarks about Cloud saving:

    Cloud system:

    When you enable cloud for Divinity: Original Sin, you will see your cloud quota in the save/load screens. Only new savegames will be uploaded to the cloud …

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  • Realmain

    Story/Game play:

    • Fixed start of fight conditions for Witch Cabin fight with Immaculate Mage
    • Fixed Arrest scenes in Cyseal (mortician for example), while using a forbidden door during arrest sequence
    • Fixed issue with Watcher/imps quest not completing
    • Fixed companion dialogues when they were being triggered at the same time in multi-player
    • Fixed issue with performing crimes when the guards are already talking to another player
    • Fixed dialogue issue with Zixzax in Luculla forest (Homestead attack warning)
    • Added reactions when characters are blinded
    • Prevent start listening when already in a dialogue
    • Fixed issue where sheathe/unsheathe state could get out of sync
    • You can listen to NPC's too now, instead of only player characters
    • Added option to turn off ca…
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  • Realmain

    "If you see any update flash by today, we fixed two missing dialogs for French, Russian and German. We also removed "zero width space" characters from all text in the game because our font does not support it and would show a square"

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  • Realmain

    For the recent Mac OS update 10.9.5, we have released a hotfix that solves signature issues.

    We seized this opportunity to also fix the combat log disappearing for some of you, and fix jumping journal entries.

    If you load a savegame in which the combat log was gone, you may have to drag it above the skillbar to be able to resize it again.

    On the Mac version, the GodRays effect was distorted and this was fixed as well.

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  • Realmain

    Divinity: Original Sin is a hit, having already sold more than 500,000 units, and while that obviously doesn't put it in the league of Call of Duty it's quite an achievement for an unapologetically old-school, PC-exclusive isometric RPG from Belgium. Even so, the work isn't done yet: The latest update to the game adds makes significant changes to the dialog system and adds two brand-new companion characters.

    There are plenty of bug fixes in the new update, the full list of which you can catch over at Steam, but the biggest change (aside from the new NPCs) is the addition of "listening functionality," which allows players to listen to dialogs between characters, and records a full log of what's being said, in case anything is missed. Some tw…

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  • Realmain


    • Added listening functionality to dialogs. Now you can listen to ongoing dialogs and see the complete history to better follow what is being said.
    • Fixed issue with logging for cooperative dialogs
    • A lot of fixes for savegames that refused to load
    • Sheath/Unsheath fixed timing of attachment of shields.
    • Rare crash fix in specific script calls
    • Rare crash fix in extinguish surface action
    • Fading objects and fog triggers now work for all players instead of just the local player.
    • Fixed issue where rotation on objects could get corrupted, resulting in huge objects
    • Bugfix in character movement while mouse is pressed
    • Fixed some UI's that were always loaded in memory. Now they are loaded when needed.
    • Fixed issue when swapping character during a rock-paper-sc…
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  • Realmain

    Currently, working on a project to update the appearance of Divinity Wikia. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free to post on my talk page or comment below.

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  • Realmain

    Game Fixes

    • HP Bug on loading
    • Changes to resistance cap (80% Resistance Gear Cap) that were supposed to be in the patch but did not make it in (zombie talent fix, can go over cap with potions and temporary effects)
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  • Realmain

    This update mostly brings some overdue fixes on the code and balancing side of things, although there are some small improvements to UI as well. Several story and ganeplay fixes have also been incorporated.

    We've also done some re-balancing in the Dark Forrest area, which should hopefully make things a little more difficult.

    You can check out the full changelist below:


    Code fixes:

    • Leech only works in your turn
    • Rotation corruption fix in savegames
    • Unique object fix
    • Allow resurrect skills when vision is blocked
    • Added level names to localization
    • Added combination stats to loca parser
    • Added journal to loca parser
    • Fixed loca parsing paths
    • Localization of secrets fixed
    • Fixed bleeding damage scale
    • Next character in UI follows order of the character ch…
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  • Realmain

    Game Fixes

    • German and French : fixed missing dialogs (male/female speaker issue)

    The Divinity Engine:

    • Fixed issue with not being able to correctly update existing mods on the workshop
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  • Realmain

    Today's update includes a number of fixes and also introduces UI scaling.

    Just go to options/game and use the UI scaling slader if you the user interface is too small/large for you.

    Here is the list of other changes:

    • Introduced UI scaling
    • Fixed translations of the journal, level names and secrets
    • Fix for corrupted packed files
    • Fixed the modding menu
    • Fixed Henchman XP issue when hiring
    • Fixed status icons being empty when a character is charmed
    • Fixed issues when characters stopped following each other
    • Fixed crash when closing trade before icons are loaded
    • Fixed invulnerable status of death knights being reapplied after save/load
    • Minimap moved back to top layer
    • Fixed rare crash when resurrecting
    • Fixed Henchmen changing visual after save/load
    • Fixed race cond…
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  • Realmain

    Game fixes

    • Fix for error 117 (during saving with unicode profile/user names)
    • Fix for floating camera

    Divinity Engine Toolkit changes

    • Added "templates folder" with source data for main campaign (Divinity engine toolkit)
    • Stability fix in resource manager
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  • Realmain

    Game Fixes

    • Several rare crash fixes
    • Fix for newly introduced save/load issues (Mac)
    • Fix for crashing on saving (Windows)
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  • Realmain

    The first official Divinity: Original Sin patch has been released, boasting a litany of fixes and changes that's far too long to get into here. More significantly, it also introduces "AI personalities," a big update to how your characters interact that Larian Studios boss Swen Vincke talked about in an interview earlier this month.

    Even in single-player mode, Divinity: Original Sin features two protagonists, and it's not a situation where one character is "you" and the other is a mule. They're equals, and they'll sometimes disagree, and it all sounds a bit weird because you're effectively arguing with yourself; but the new patch promises to give those arguments a little more flavor, because your AI counterpart will now actually have a perso…

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  • Realmain

    Game Fixes

    - Fixed issue where some game sessions could crash when playing in the Black Cove
    - Fixed issue with missing sounds
    - Region swapping while sneaking will no longer crash the client
    - Fixed crash when the game didn't find a sound device
    - Fixed issue when saving during the start of a combat

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  • Realmain

    Game Fixes

    - Added more error reporting when save files are not written away correctly
    - Optimised texture streaming & sound loading to reduce stuttering on some systems. More optimisations are coming
    - Fix for bone totem problems in the Luculla mines
    - Fix for end game not triggering correctly under certain circumstances
    - Better resolution detection
    - Fixed issues with changing multiplayer settings
    - Fixed a number of crashes
    - Followers now move in a less jittery manner
    - Fixed issue with combining stacks of items
    - Fixed issue in multiplayer that caused two peers to get the same character assigned
    - Updated French & German translations

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  • Realmain

    Game Fixes

    - Crash fix for send to homestead from a container
    - Fixed encumbered being spammed when dead
    - Fixed crash while saving during a SurfaceGrowAction (this should fix any issues with crashing when going into the tunnel under the graveyard in Cyseal for example)

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  • Realmain

    Patch Notes v1.0.53 (Jul 4, 2014)
    Wrong Year

    - Fix for wrong alignments (this should also fix existing save games). This for instance solves the problems with the bone totem in the Luculla Mines.
    - Local chat is auto-enabled
    - Greatly reduced memory usage for Win32 systems. This should lead to more stability.
    - Fixed crash when a destroyed item was still in the skillbar
    - Fixed a rare crash on level swap
    - Fixed a crash when crafting in two inventories at the same time
    - Fixed a crash when disarming trap while it detonates
    - Fixed a crash for fleeing while invisible
    - Fixed graphical artefacts on characters on the Mac version
    - Fixed low-res terrain textures
    - Fixed crash in multiplayer menu
    - Disabled casting a skill when another is busy
    - Teleport wi…

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  • Realmain
    • Fixes for German/French
    • Fixed crash on talking to summoned pet (KS reward)
    • Optimised terrain textures so they take less memory
    • Modified loading code for 32 bit systems.

    About the Global Chat: We switched it off for now as there was just a bit too much profanity and insulting, and while we have good hopes that it may get better if people read this this, we'll also install some proper moderation tools & processes. Once that's done, we'll switch it on again.

    Note for 32 bit users: The problems you can experience are related to the game running out of memory which can be remedied by lowering the quality settings. We are working on optimising memory usage and will soon have a number of fixes for this. Until then, we recommend setting your texture qu…

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  • Realmain

    -Zandalor's Trunks will now talk
    -Fixed the repeating voice problem that drove everybody bananas
    -Muted banter voices while in dialog or trade
    -Fixed crash with open inventory/skill tree on level swap
    -Removed Intro Movie loading jitter
    -Disabled saving to Steam Cloud again because its size is too small for our save games. We are going to compress the save games first and then reactivate it.
    -Fixed problem with UI and save games
    -Fixed Silverglen bad script crash
    -Fixed problems with preview window in editor
    -Fixed problems with game not starting after changing main campaign data with editor

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  • Realmain

    - Fixed: Crashes on saving
    - Fixed: Dialogs locking up when talking to certain npcs with two players
    - Fixed: Extremely big pool of blood
    - Fixed: Cloud artifacts
    - Fixed: Crash during unlearning active skills
    - Fixed: Steam cloud saving (the Steam from Valve that is, the Steam cloud in game was already working :)
    - Fixed: German and French translation artefacts. You still need to manually activate the subtitles in the options screen. We'll make it automatic on the next update.
    - Fixed: Corruption caused by video playback on Mac

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  • Ninjafreak75

    Could i get help with this?

    That would be great plus it gives me some information on what happens and everything else. It could be an FAQ or a walkthrough because i don't know what is going on in this game. I just started the game, and i don't know what to do anymore.

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  • KarinDoll

    The main prize winner of the Dragon Knight Saga Competition is announced!

    Week 4 Winners and Week 5 questions unveiled in the latest round of the Dragon Knight Saga Competition.

    Week 5 questions;

    Question 1: What is the name of the first Grey Warden you encounter in Divinity II:Ego Draconis?

    Question 2: What is the name of King who you place on the throne in Divinity II:Ego Draconis?

    Question 3: What is the surname of the main character in Dragon Knight Saga

    Weekly Challenge 4 and Week 3 Winners announced!

    Week 4 Challenge questions;

    Question 1: What is the name of the realm in which the Dragon Knight Saga takes place?

    Question 2: What is the name of the arch-villain in Dragon Knight Saga?

    Question 3: What was the name of the second title in the Divinity…

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  • KarinDoll

    A new beta patch has been released that converts Ego Draconis + Flames of Vengeance into the Dragon Knight Saga. For More info visit the Downloads Page.

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  • Ausir

    Divinity wikis merged

    February 1, 2011 by Ausir

    The former Divinity II Wiki, Flames of Vengeance Wiki and Divine Divinity Wiki have now been merged into one big wiki about the whole Divinity series and the world of Rivellon. Join our discussions about the new site design and category structure.

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  • Ausir

    This wiki, which until now covered only Divinity II: Ego Draconis, has expanded its scope to cover the whole Divinity series. While there is not much information about them here yet, feel free to add info about Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity here!

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