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If you dare to ask the locals about this location, you’ll hear stories of hauntings, possession, and ungodly rituals.
Modern Chronicles of Reapers´s Coast by Cranley Huwbert

Bloodmoon Island is an island on Bloodmoon lake in Reaper's Coast.


Before being overrun by demons and the possessed alike, the island served as a place for priest who dedicated their lives to the holy duty of exorcism. Those that could not be saved however were confined within the sealed vaults, guarded by the statue and a spirit of a priest who bound their souls to the vault. One day however a doctor Daeva brought in almost catatonic elven girl Eleanessa.

Determined to save her, in spite of the protests of the priests he performed an exorcism. The outcome of the exorcism was however fatal to all on the island, since the demon unleashed was none other than Adramahlihk, who possessed the doctor Daeva. Its minions had afterwards slaughtered everyone on the Island.

As of 1242 AD only his demons stalk the island, guarding the ancestor tree, and killing all who are part of the Order and the Black Ring. With Black Rings attempt to gain foothold on the island, the Advocate had the waters surrounding the island covered with Deathfog.


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Creatures and Unnamed NPCs[]

Black Ring cultists found at the Ancestor Tree
Creature Number / Level Creature Number / Level
Black Ring Fearmaiden Icon (DOS2DE)
Black Ring Fearmaiden
2 / 15 Black Ring Painweaver Icon (DOS2DE)
Black Ring Painweaver
2 / 15
Undead Black Ring Destroyer Icon (DOS2DE)
Undead Black Ring Destroyer
1 / 15


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Interactive Map[]

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