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Boar is a creature in Divine Divinity.


Boars are muscular mammals with tusks which they use to impale threats if provoked.


They are hostile to Lucian. A boar attacks by running towards its target and hitting it with its tusks. Boars drop meat when killed. They are found in forests, commonly in the elevated areas at eastern part of Ferol, around the Dwarven Forest.

Immune to spiritual damage.

Transformed Boar[]

There is a talking boar encountered in Teneb Tiriel, which tells Lucian about an Evil Transformation.

Wait! *Grunt* Do not harm me! I am not what I seem! 'Grunt*
Talking Boar Statistics
Level: 35 Health: 1680 Attack: 66 Defense: 62 Damage: 96-288
Armour: 148 Hit chance: Sight: 8 Hearing :
Fire: Lightning: Poison: Spiritual:

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