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The tome is clearly ancient, yet its bindings and panels are in exquisite condition.

Book of Prophecy is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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[A title is etched on the thick bible's cover:'Chronicles Of The Ever Age'. Every page speaks either of tragedies long past, or those still to come. As you leaf through the tome, a name catches your eye: Braccus Rex]

... There was no lamp or sun, yet the light blinded me. It was Divinity, not as a man or woman, not as creature or homunculus, but as element. Pure and whole, a sea of Source both above and below.

The light was soon to fade, however. The shadow of a great dragon passed below, chilling my nerves and blanketing Rivellon in darkness. Upon the great wyrm rode the Mad King, Braccus Rex. He cast an impossibly long leash into the Divine light, as a fisher might cast his line into the sea. The mighty dragon plunged, pulling the brilliant aura with it.

I was suddenly engulfed in nothing. Void. Emptiness. From the silence came one unmistakeable sound: the pounding of a hammer...