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Boreas' 2nd Treasure Room is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin.

Quick Walkthrough[]

The room is located through a portal to the South West of the room where Boreas was defeated in Eternal Winter.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

  1. Head South West from the room where you defeated Boreas and you will see a path heading North that is engulfed in Lava.
  2. Use Tornado (you can find or buy the scroll) to clear the magma. (Or you can destroy the Cracked Sentinel statue just before the Lava). (Tested 1/1/2020, neither of these clear the magma.) (Attack the cracked sentinel to the left of the lava until it is destroyed, that will clear the lava.) (Tested on Enhanced Edition v2.0.98.842 in April 2020 - destroying the Sentinel frees the lever and magma disappear)
  3. Use the portal on the far end to teleport to the treasure room and receive some Exploration XP.
  4. The chest behind the locked door can be teleported to you or teleported to.
  5. The chest by the sentry is trapped. Move the rest of your party away from the center when you open it.


  • 1930 Exploration XP
  • Loot [citation needed]

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