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If Damian hears of my divine skills in the kitchen, perhaps he will spare me.
Bourdain when asked about the siege by The Dragon Knight

Bourdain is a chef residing in Aleroth in 1300 AD.


Bourdain is a renowned chef, famous for his signature dish: a cheese-stuffed chicken cooked with Rimmer Rum, a recipe he calls "Coq Bourré". A newspaper article about his hiring at the Phoenix Inn in the Great Market district of Aleroth recently appeared in the Aleroth Times, praising the addition to the culinary culture of the city. Unfamiliar with Aleroth and eager to please the critics, he asks for your help.

Bourdain would like you to do two things for him during the quest Everybody's A Critic: The first is to determine who the food critic is so that he knows where to concentrate his efforts. The second is to acquire the Gorgombert cheese he needs for his recipe, a rare creamy delicacy made from the milk of the giant white rabbits of Ferol .

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Ha, no one is as dextrous as I am with knife and fork and spoon!
Gives a permanent five-point increase to dexterity

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  • Coq Bourré is French for "stuffed rooster."