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Braccus Rex, also known as The Source King and Vredeman, is a former tyrannical ruler of Rivellon.


A former ruler of Rivellon and Sourcerer, Braccus ruled Rivellon through the control of Source. Originally a kind ruler, his descent into madness was swift[1] Always desiring more power and fearing death, Braccus developed tools to control and seize the Source of other Sourcerers, his purging wands and Source collars.

His power and position drew many to him in the hopes of gaining favour, many of which, once they had served their role, would continue to serve him in death, including the one who aided him in building his power, Gratiana.

Eventually his seat of power was usurped by the Order of the Source Hunters who upon capturing him at Fort Joy returned him to mainland for trial where he was sentenced to death and thrown into a well. His corpse was retrieved and buried at the Church of the Seven.[2]

Following his death he was resurrected twice, once in Cyseal by Thelyron of the Immaculates and by scholar Tarquin at the behest of Fane's child, the eternal assuming the form of Dallis. Each time he turned against his saviour then defeated, firstly by the Order of the Source Hunters and secondly by the Godwoken.

Interactions with player character[]

Original Sin II[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

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