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Brancussi is an Assassins' Guild member who can be found at Willy's House on Lanilor Lane in Aleroth in 1300 AD.


Brancussi is an assassin and a lawyer, well-spoken and knowledgeable concerning the laws of Rivellon, send by the Assassins Guild to solve a dispute over a house in Aleroth. If the Knight chooses his side then he will send his best man, with a special set of knives, after Willy who tried to con him.

Interactions with Player Character[]

Mind reading[]

These goods are getting harder and harder to peddle. I should just sell them cheap to my Dragon friend and be done with it.
Lowers his prices


Related Quests[]


  • If the player sides against Brancussi they will be unable to trade with him. Willy pulls the alarm, and the player is forced into battle with Brancussi and associates, allowing them to loot the Shadow Archer Cuirass when he is killed.
  • Additionally, if the player sides with Brancussi and triggers the alarm, they will not able to access him as a vendor as he will flee

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