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Brayton Barnes is the owner of the Driftwood Fishworks in 1242 AD.


Brayton Barnes is an owner of the Driftwood Fishworks. He is displeased that magisters suspect him of hiding Higba and tells his dwarven employees to immediatelly warn the magisters should they find him. Due to his business originally failing as most of the local fish became corrupted by Void and thus inedible, he was contacted by doctor Daeva whom he is currently shipping all the void-touched fish.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Merchant Inventory

Equipment Skills
Food Potions
Ingredients Miscellaneous
  • Sells Void-touched fish

Related Quests[]

  • Rise of the Dwarves - Provides info about a mysterious man in a house who buys all his Void-tainted fish.