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Given upon finishing The Second Coming.


  1. You must follow Sassan all the way to the tower.
  2. Watch a cut-scene.
  3. Kill things and make your way up to the tower.
  4. Enter the door to the tower.
  5. Kill Dead Sassan's flunkies.
  6. Speak with Elijah. Either mind read him or set him free to learn of a secret room.
  7. Enter the secret room and take the explosives.
  8. Place (use) the explosives (read Notes).
  9. Run a decent distance back and wait.


'Make sure you have chosen the people you wanted to serve you (as requested in 'The Prophecy). If not, Island will randomly select for you.

(Hint) If you are having an issue finding the secret button it is on a wooden beam .

Also, when setting the explosives, it really sucks to have your pet blocking the only way out and being blown up. Make sure your pet is put away.

You can use the other keg of explosives down the hall and to your right, from the area where you placed the first boom-barrel.


Extra: 1500 exp or 440 gold.

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