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Bring Finnigan His Magic Lock Picks is a side quest in Divine Divinity. Finnigan asks Lucian to retrieve his lockpicks from Commander Kratus's office. He won't do it himself, since Kratus would execute him due to his previous run-in with him. Lucian would get only some jail time if he got caught.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

The Verdistis City Watch is east from the Verdistis Merchant's Guildhouse. Despite the journal saying that the lockpicks are in Kratus' office, they are actually on the leftmost table right at the entrance to the watch building.

After getting the lockpicks, return to Finnigan for a reward and to finish the quest.

Quest Items[]


  • This quest can be completed even without membership of Thieves Guild.
  • After getting the lockpicks, do NOT drop them! They'll disappear.
  • The lockpicks are unique; they don't break and they provide +20 bonus to agility while in inventory.
  • They are in table even before starting quest.
  • It's possible to keep the lockpicks after the quest. When you return to Finnigan, when he talks is about cleaning out a mansion, open the barter window. Trade the lockpicks to with Finnigan. After the conversation you can buy them back from him. Despite being special lockpicks, they are less valuable in terms of barter compared to normal lockpicks.

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