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If you ever come across a beautiful landscape painting in Rivellon, it is most likely of the Broken Valley. Despite its name, this is the most laid back and relaxed location in the land, and it is often said that here you “don’t do today, what you can put off and do tomorrow.”

But be wary - those who underestimate the inhabitants of the Valley, or disrespect them - consider them lazy, are in for a shock. These people may be calm and lack any real sense of urgency in their daily lives , but once slighted, a Valley man is a mortal enemy for life, and you would not want to make anything but friends here if you truly value your life.

Ego Draconis website description[1]

Broken Valley is a region in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Formerly known as The Valley Of Shrines, Broken Valley was ruled by the Dragon Knight Lord Lovis until it was pillaged by Ba'al, whom Lovis did not act against. Lovis was cursed for his inaction during the attack by his master Maxos and today Lovis' tower still stands there in memorial of more glorious times. By 1300 AD the valley was rendered devoid of all life by Damian and the Black Ring who deployed deathfog across the region.


At the zeppelin landing there is the Village Waypoint Shrine, from here head south to the road fork; to the left is Broken Valley Village. Turn right and continue down the path. On the path by the large tree is a citizen's corpse surrounded by 3 goblins who will attack the Slayer. Continuing down the path the watchtower can be seen to the left, with Quincy stranded a top of it; past the watch tower the path veers left and over the bridge to Jackson's Farm.

After crossing the bridge and turning left, head up the slope and turn right to go to the goblin camp above the cliffside; turning left will lead back to the village on the other side of the river where boar can be hunted. before the camp itself there is a hatch down to a secret passage and in the camp itself there are several goblins and a chest. Past the final goblin tent on the left is an iron ore vein.

Passing through the farm itself and out the northern barricade, another iron ore vein can be found. Head north back towards the stream and the hatch to Jackson Dungeon can be found. Continuing northwest along the stream will lead to another goblin camp and further on the narrow passageway to the main valley. This path will be blocked by Martis until the Slayer has defeated Lord Arben.

Inside of cross the bridge to the farm, turn right and head north along the cliff side to find Mouse. Behind him is the first of four levers that reveals a hidden chest in the lower valley. Keep to the cliffside and follow the path up to the Chapel Waypoint Shrine, which is near a goblin camp. To the left of the shrine is the hatch to the Lost Cavern. Further up the slope is a teleporter stone that requires a password; when activated this will transport the Dragon Knight above the area to Naberius' storage. Past the the goblin camp is the entrance to the old cave.

Heading back down the slope and taking a 180° turn to the right as the ground starts to level is another slope downwards. Making another 180° turn left will lead to another slope down to the goblin camp where the goblin beholder Alutiiq can be found with his tribe when turning right; directly opposite this slope is another slope back up to where Mouse is located. Carrying on fowards rather than turning again leads past the burnt chapel, with the path sloping down at the rear of the chapel level with the building. Walk to the front of the chapel and through the valley back to the goblin camp.

Lower Valley[]

Crossing the stream back to the path that was guarded by Martis, head through the valley down to the lower valley. Directly ahead is a large crumbling shrine where Talana land upon reaching it. Continue past the shrine and head down the slope on the right; at the base of the slope there is a bridge to the right, this is one of the locations that Willy uses to sell property in Broken Valley Village or Aleroth. Crossing bridge and turning left will lead to several skeletons, deer and another teleporter platform that requires a password; which when activated will transport the Dragon Knight to the tip of Lovis' Tower. Carrying along the path right instead then turning right after the slope either side levels out will allow one to head east up the opposite side of the river. Following this path will lead to a gold ore vein and turning 180° left after passing it will reveal another path leading further up. This path will then bend 180° right to one of the three hatches down to the derelict tunnels and a locked chest.

Heading back down the cliff back to the road the ruins of the bridge leading to Lovis' Tower can be seen. Turn right and Slayerbane can be found if Talana was mindread. Following the path to the end will lead to Maxos' Temple, the path to which is guarded by the Black Ring. Before reaching the end of the path another slope can be seen double backing down to the base of the ruined pillars of the bridge. Immediately to the right of the slopes base is a ladder leading up to the tower's bridge. Continuing ahead rather than turning leads down to the base of the tower where the Lake Waypoint Shrine and the locked entrance to Lovis' chambers can be found.

Doubling back and turning left just before ladder to the bridge allows for the stream to be crossed to the first of Bellegar's Shrines. Carrying on instead an turning left at the second pillar, then turning left again will lead to the second hatch down the derelict tunnels. Going over the hill and back down leads to a hollow tree stump leading to the same Bellegar Shrine. Follow the stream northwest from here until reaching a large rock outcrop. Here the second lever can be found.

West Valley[]

Double back and cross the hollow log again and head to the path, the right fork leads to Maxos' Temple, however turning left leads up a slope to the rock outcropping, the wall on the right gives way to a slope, following this will lead to Casper. On the opposite side of the stream, turn right and the path leads further up to a heroic black goblin ambush. Sticking to the right of the stream, head through the trees to find the West Valley Shrine. Passing the shrine and heading to the right leading to Dreavan's camp. Here Dreavan, his enchanting forge, a Wishing Well and Dreavan's storage can be found.

Return to the goblin ambush site and cross the stream, instead of following the slope down, keep southeast, clearing the Black Ring until reaching Sosostra caravan, on the way is Penelope's grave, which if one is carrying Penelope's amulet will reveal a chest containing the Blood Echelon bracers (if missed on the way, head directly downhill and it can be seen on the right). Behind the stack of books to the caravan's left is the entrance to Miller's storage. Return to the ambush point again and follow the slope down this time to the next stream; just before this crossing is a tree that has the hatch to Robin's storage below its trunk; alternatively, follow the stream east of Sosostra to the same point. Cross the stream and turn right and head into the valley where the bandit entourage consisting of Kristy, Spencer and Calvin lead by Jenae can be encountered ambushing Filip and his guard.

South Valley[]

Continuing along the road, then doubling back to the left once the cliffs subside and heading to the top Bellegar can be encountered. Continuing onwards, however is a bridge, with a ramp down to the stream that provides a relatively direct route back to the base of Lovis' Tower to the left. Across the bridge is patrolled by Black Ring scouts, the path generally sloping downwards until reaching a fork in the road; to the left is a bridge and directly ahead the road leads to the Orobas Fjords, however there is another Bellegar Shrine beforehand. At the top of the path to the Fjords, Willy will appear again.

Returning to the bridge, if Sosostra has read the second fortune is Seth. Crossing it leads to a burnt out caravan, where Tago's Axe can be found near one of the corpses. Continue along the road, up the steep incline to where it starts to level, to the right are ancient dragon ruins, which George Gremory is investigating, behind the rock on the right of the path is the third lever. To the south of the ruins is the South Valley Shrine. Up the hill from the shrine is Viper's camp of bandits.

Returning to the path, follow it then take the right fork around the back of Viper's camp where several fallen branches can be seen over a hole. Within the hole is Rothman, who was trapped in there by a troll. Troll will appear from behind when Rothman is released. double back and turn right back onto the original path, another Bellegar Shrine is immediately to the right; on this shrine is another chest containing a parchment. Passing the shrine and following the eastern cliff and opening the Yup'ik's goblin camp is located. Continuing again along the path, north and east leads to the mine, under siege from the Black Ring. The gate is locked, so carry on around to the main gate. Before reaching the gate is a ramp up to the closed drawbridge, continuing on, the road reaches a T junction, turning right leads to the gate, however, by carrying on forward and following the ledge around to the right, the Quarry Shrine is tucked away on the far side of the gate.

East Valley[]

From the mine's main gate, take the path northward through the trees and this will split left and right again; to the left the path reads back to the drawbridge, now on the left and to the right the slope upwards to a demon summoning platform. Heading left through the valley leads to the Bandit Camp on the right, where another parchment can be found to the left of the hut; however, turning right and following the valley wall around leads to Eugene. Remaining on the path leads to the third bridge where Willy appears. Turning left after crossing the bridge and following the path along the stream leads leads down to water level again. Here another hallow log is on the left, crossing this and continuing on will lead into a bandit ambush. Pas through the valley and turn left beyond the tree at the end and head towards mountainside before turning left again and climbing the hill. At the top, follow the path between the rocks and the mountainside, a smooth rock lies across the two sides of the valley allows access to the far side and the final Bellegar Shrine in its centre. Continuing pass this crossing however leads to the three sleepers, Furley, Namdar and Nightwinkle.

Crossing the hollow tree back and continuing along the path leads to another goblin camp on the left of a path, containing a chest with a parchment inside. Shortly after, the path leads into an open space, with the hill to the left leading up to Lovis' Tower's main gate and turning right onto the hill then backtracking leads to an goblin camp; to the rear of the camp the final entrance to the derelict tunnels on the left, the fourth and final level to the right (which makes a chest appear on the direct opposite side of the stream to Sosostra's caravan appear) as well as the Tribal Shrine directly ahead. In the goblin camp itself is another chest containing a parchment. Returing to the path once again a troll can be seen fighting if Louis has punished the New Order guards who were drinking in the Black Boar. From here the path leads back up to the ruined shrine where Talana fell; Bellegar will be here if all of his shrines were cleared.


Lever chest

Within Broken Valley there are four levers that must be pulled in order to reveal the chest across the river from Sosostra's camp:

  • Far north of the main entrance to Jackson Farm, against the cliff wall where Mouse is found wandering.
  • Near the Tribal Shrine waypoint, at the cliff's edge.
  • Directly west of the first Bellegar's Shrine, where the river stream interupts the landmass.
  • Behind the large tree closest to the South Valley Waypoint Shrine. Can easily be spotted when standing between George Gremory and the Waypoint Shrine and facing directly East.
Dragon Crystals

See: Maxos Temple


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