Miller Upton, as it would appear, is actually an old alchemist called Buad. For many years he's been hunted by assassins, he was asked to save one of them and administered the wrong herbal mixture as a result the assassin he was supposed to save died and he's been on their hitlist ever since. He and his daughter Linda have been living an alternate life for years fearing they would find him now he's asking for help because he believes they've finally caught the scent again. Buad has no idea where to start looking, though.


After accepting the quest talk to Linda, she will be thrilled her father has confided in someone and suggest who you should talk to in order to determine if the assassins have been poking around at night as Buad believes. She then tells you to go talk to Romon, Rose, and Rodney because they are all known to take late night strolls, if anyone saw anything it would be them.

After you speak with Rose, she will mention she has spotted suspicious characters by the burnt chapel down in the valley. At the chapel you will run into level 5 Jesse, who will try to kill you and fail. He mentions their best assassin is on her way to the mill as you speak. Go to the mill.


In order to get his quest you need to get into the Broken Valley Village Mill's Basement and discover Abanayabar it is he who tells you Buad's real name, once that is done return to Upton/Buad in the Mill and speak to him again.


When you enter the mill on the first floor you find Antumbra the assassin. You can either:

  • Attack her for a default reward of 450 exp and 160 gold, and a choice reward of 160 more gold or a random rare (She is level 6 and puts up quite a fight).
  • Help her kill Buad and Linda for a default reward of only 450 exp, and a choice from 160 gold or a random rare. She says she can't pay you back now, but she will if you find her in Aleroth. (Easy way). However, she lies.