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Buad Blood is a side quest in Divinity II: Ego Draconis. It is given by miller Upton after discovering his true name, Buad from Abanayabar.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

On confronting Upton on his true identity, he will reveal that he is wanted by the Assassins Guild; fearing that they may have finally found him, even though he has no proof. Speak to his daughter Linda, who will suggest speaking to Father Romon, Rose and Caption Rodney. Head to the chapel and speak to Romon, who has not see any suspicious activity, nor has Rodney if he is asked. Move on to Rose in the pig farmer house and she will advise that she has seen figures skulking around the mill at night and going back and forth between there and the burnt chapel. If Rose is spoken to before the others, it will no longer be possible to speak them.

Leave the village and head west, keeping roughly central between the northern riverbank and the northern cliff boundary until reaching a crumbling chapel. Inside, the assassin Jesse is waiting; confront him and he will advise that their leader is already at the watermill and attempts to kill the Slayer. Defeat him and return to the watermill. Upon entering the watermill Buad and Linda are on the ground floor with the assassin Antumbra, who is ready to take both occupants lives. Either side with Antumbra or Buad and Linda, but regardless of the choice, combat will ensure with opposing side needing to be vanquished.


Depending on which was chosen the rewards differ:

  • Side with Buad and Linda for 450 exp, 160 gold and a choice reward of 80 more gold or a random rare item. In DKS version, the reward is 1500 exp, 400 gold and a choice of 750 exp or 200 gold or others.
  • Side with Antumbra for 450 exp and a choice of 160 gold or a random rare. She says she can't pay you back now, but she will if you find her in Aleroth. However, she lies. In DKS version, the reward is 1200 exp, 300 gold and a choice of 600 exp or 150 gold or others.