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Oh - hey. Hey! I thought you might be Emmie. *Sigh* It's... it's nice to see you.

Buddy is a dog residing on Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


Buddy is a black, sad dog who misses Emmie, a dog who was taken by a White magister and turned into a Source hound. Buddy hid a key dropped by a Magister who took Emmie into the castle.


Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Calming Buddy will result in him digging up Buddy's Key, by giving him meat; this opens a door in Fort Joy. . If one gives him Atusa's leg, he will turn hostile and attack the party.

Related quests[]

  • Finding Emmie - Buddy asks the player character to find his friend Emmie and provides the key to the Houndmaster's room.


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