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Divinity 2 Bunny Bagger - Killer Bunny 2

Battling the Killer Bunny

Bunny Bagger is a secret achievement in Divinity II: Ego Draconis. All you need to do is kill 30 to 35 rabbits, then the Killer Bunny will make an appearance. Once it appears, the screen will zoom to its bloody face - immediately after, it will spawn very close to your character and will always hit in melee. There is no level requirements to fight it, so it is possible to make it appear when you're at level 15, however since its preset level is 22, it will be a very hard fight.

If battling the bunny at a lower level, ranged attacks or minions to take it down will be helpful. The best tactic is to find a place off the ground (like a large boulder at least 5 feet in height, just to be safe) and have your creature fight it and shoot it with your bow. Or if you're by the village in Broken Valley, lead it to the village to get some npc's to help - just be warned that if they kill it, you won't get any experience.

For the Killer Bunny, the standing in water cheese is not a good tactic to take it down: the Bunny has an anti-cheat ability that causes it to heal within seconds.