Carl's Key2

Area where key is located under the barrels

Carl's House is a building on Jackson's Farm.

  • Inside the house there is a key hidden under some barrels for a locked box behind it, shown in the first picture on the right.
  • If you mind read Dana you can find a key to the basement above the two stacked boxes. I was not able to get the key just by jumping, so I moved the boxes to get to it. See the second picture on the right.
Carl's Key

Boxes moved to get the key on the ledge for the basement

Carl's Basement

Secret switch on the wall of carl's basement

  • Once you get the key you can enter the basement, there are a few loots to snag. Make sure you grab the journal on the desk and read it to start the quest Skeletons in the Closet. Afterwords look at the left corner of the wall with the giant cobweb and press a hidden button to lower a level 7 axe. See the last picture on the right.