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Cutthroat Carmina is a character in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.


is a renowned bandit and one of Aleroth's most wanted criminals, who the Dragon Knight may encounter at Decimus' House in Aleroth. She is a close friend of the bandits Jagon and Ragon, who you may have encountered in Broken Valley and the Orobas Fjords respectively, during the events of Divinity II: Ego Draconis. She was banned from the Broken Valley Bandit Camp and has apparently moved on to robbing the residents of Aleroth.

Carmina is also the mother of a boy, having been secretly impregnated by the powerful necromancer, Laiken.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

You'll find Carmina immediately upon entering Decimus' House in the Crow's Nest district. Without hesitation, he instructs her men to attack and a battle ensues against her (level 40) and five unnamed level 39 bandits.

Mind readingEdit

She cannot be mindread.


Weapon Armor Potions Misc
None Carmina's Necklace None Dirty Scrap of Paper

Related questsEdit


  • The Dirty Scrap of Paper discusses her connection to Jagon, Laiken, Ragon, and the Broken Valley bandit camp.

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