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Weapons at the ready, Champions! Today we will rid Aleroth of its deathless intruders!
Casca speaking to his men

Lieutenant Casca is a Champion located in the Mardaneus Plaza district of Aleroth, in 1300 AD.


Casca is a champion lieutenant residing in Aleroth during undead plague in 1300 AD. He was about to launch an attack with his men until tree of Nericon appeared in Mardaneus Plaza and killed his soldier Bubo .

Eversince he was waiting there with his men and angry that he is not able to do anything even suggesting lucrative hobbies of drawing naughty pictures of Damian and Ygerna.

Interactions with the player character[]


* When first approached near the fence separating Crow's Nest from Mardaneus Plaza, you witness him giving an inspirational speech to his fellow Champions. Bubo is motivated to spontaneously charge into Crow's Nest, and is quickly struck down by lightning cast by the great tree, Nericon.

Mind reading[]

We all might die soon, and all I can think about is the little zeppelin I used to play with as a child.
Provides hint for the quest Mind over Matter

This is a hint that he would like the Miniature Zeppelin received from Dr. West at the Circle of Trust Inn during the quest Mind over Matter. In exchange, he'll give you a Compass that may be of interest to a fellow Champion.

Related quests[]


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