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You! The chicken, have you seen it? My chicken! The chicken!!

Casper is a somewhat eccentric and out-of-it person who was soul-forged with a certain white chicken near the citadels ruins.


During the conversation, you can ask him several chicken-related questions where he is clearly unimpressed with your non-seriousness (after all, you weren't the one soulforged with a chicken). When the white chicken is killed, Casper will die as well.

Interactions with the Player Character[]


Mind Reading[]

Your heartbeat, young man, will considerably quicken. When I tell you, you have with a Soul Forge been stricken: A Soul Forge with a chicken!

Related quests[]

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  • The Chicken can be found at the nearby Bellegar Shrine, after you talk to Casper about it.
  • Killing the white chicken will trigger the achievement, Chicken Out.


  • Casper was originally planned to be called Martijn the Psycho.[1]
  • Casper was made in likeness of a person who represented a different publisher than the one Larian Studios ended up with. When pitching their idea, this person reacted by saying that his company would't be interested because Belgian companies are known to be bad at ingame art. Because he chickened out, they made a character who looked exactly like him and gave him a few chicken-like characteristics.


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