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She was kind to me; fed me well and petted me to my hearts content. But her loneliness drove her to do more. She was a Sourceress you see, and with her magic gave me a human consciousness and a voice to give it expression.

Cassandra is a Sourceress, turned lich encountered by Scarlett and Roderick in 4 AR.


The sister of the tyrant Braccus Rex, Cassandra was trapped in a tower by her brother. Her only company in that time was a tomcat, Arhu who loved her dearly, but she sought more than his feline companionship; by giving him human form the depth of her conversations and connections to the feline were deepened.

Eventually, Braccus took her away and transformed her into a lich, a twisted form of her self and together they were soul forged. When Arhu saw her after her transformation, he fled from her in terror, never to be seen by the Sourceress turned lich again during her brothers rule.[1]

When the Order of the Source Hunters finally liberated Fort Joy and usurped her brother, Arhu appeared once again, knowing she would be killed if the Source Hunters discovered her. He assisted in her escape to Phantom Forest, melding those who enter her forest into the trees where she remained until 4 AR.

Interactions with Player character[]

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