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Catherine is a general in Divinity: Dragon Commander. She arrives on the Raven near the beginning of the game.


Catherine used to rule over her own nation, which was a matriarchal society where women ran politics and men performed only basic tasks. It was taken from her during the war between the royal bastards, and she intends to get it back.

As the Commander is a man, Catherine doesn't have much faith in him but concedes that his dragon form is a powerful weapon. Over the course of the game she can start to trust in the Commander if he listens to her advice.

Despite her bitterness and haughty nature, her requests to the Commander are generally reasonable, such as raising her and Scarlett's pay to be equal to Henry's and Edmund's, or training female officers and going after soldiers raping civilians. She also volunteers along with Scarlett to help Henry save his daughter from assassins.

Catherine thinks Henry is a typical soldier, in that he's useful but boorish. She thinks Edmund is as a tactical genius, but also overestimates himself. She thinks Scarlett has no place on the battlefield, expressing her opinion that she is still a girl rather than a woman.

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