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Cecil's Mighty Staff is a quest given by Mayor Cecil located in Mayor Cecil's Office in Cyseal.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. After you've obtained the quest, teleport to Cyseal Harbour and head to the ship South West of the Ship that was burning in Fire! Fire! Fire!.
  2. Speak to Conrad on the ship and ask about the staff.
  3. Speak to the men chatting just off the ship and ask about Dietmar.
  4. Return to Conrad and tell him one of his men saw Dietmar make off with a package. The quest will continue after you have disabled the Arhu SparkMaster 5000.
  5. Head West from where you defeated the Arhu SparkMaster 5000 and out the exit. Keep heading West past the Waypoint Portal and you will eventually come across Dietmar and his men.
  6. If you've progressed A Mysterious Murder to the point where Evelyn disappears, then Dietmar will be hostile and attack you when you approach. If not, then you can speak to and trade with him (he has potions and daggers) but he'll turn hostile as soon as you ask him about the staff. Either way, kill Dietmar and his 6 thugs (4 are invisible).
  7. Pick up Staff Of Pergamon, return to Mayor Cecil and tell him you found his staff.
    • Keep the staff for +1 Materialistic, -1 Reputation and 4500 XP.
    • Return the staff for +1 Spiritual, +1 Reputation, 4500 XP and +5 Attitude with Mayor Cecil.
  8. Lastly, return to Conrad for +50 Attitude with him.

Note: Step 8 may be bugged in that if you return to Conrad after leveling up and ask about the staff, you will be rewarded another +50 Attitude with him. This happens only once. Needs testing on 1.0.177.

Detailed walkthrough[]

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  • 6750 XP for killing Dietmar and his men
  • 4500XP for either keeping or returning Staff Of Pergamon
  • +1 Materialistic or +1 Spiritual
  • +1 or -1 Reputation
  • +5 Attitude with Mayor Cecil and +50 Attitude with Conrad if you return Staff Of Pergamon.