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Chambers of Blood is a script in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.


Chambers of Blood is an ancient, anonymous play that remains popular due to its controversial theme and content.

It involves a group of women who form a secret cabal of sorceresses that wants to invoke the spirit of the demon Astaroth, so that they can bare him demonspawn that will bring them power and riches.

In the words of Alfred: "Combine demons, passionate women, an unquenchable appetite for power and lust for the sake of lust, and you have a smash hit on your hands every time."



This damaged and torn jumble of papers contains what appears to be Act III, Scene I, of the play 'Chambers of Blood': the pivotal scene in which the Demon Astaroth is summoned.

Desdemona: We shall now proceed, my sisters one in purpose and one-to-be blood, to summon the great Astaroth who shall engender our might. Answer now the three queries that will bring his majesty forth. Tell this Duke of Hell why we seek his favour.

Camilla: We ask him to honour us with the conception of his offspring.

Desdemona: Tell this Prince of Night how our loins will sport him sovereignty.

Camilla: His many-fanged children will find no mortal they cannot conquer.

Desdemona: Show this King of Brimstone we have knowledge of the incantation that may draw him from the Pit.

Camilla: Undying Astaroth the Mighty Horned One, we hereby command thee to come forth and bless us!

Desdemona: Hark! The smell of sulphur! Astaroth draws near!