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Champion Academy orbs placed on runes (D2 FoV location)

Orbs placed on runes

The Champion Academy Orbs are quest items in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

There are five orbs that can be found at Champion Academy with the help of the Helmet of Secrets. They must be placed, according to the clues found during To Find a Wizard, on the correct rune in the far northwest room of the academy to unlock the entrance to the Antediluvian Vault.

Blue Moon[]

Blue Moon icon (D2 FoV quest item)

Blue Moon
A blue orb that whispers ancient songs.

Blue Moon (D2 FoV quest item)

Blue Moon orb

Found: Enter concealed area of dormitory, pull lever to spawn platforms to reach Blue Moon

Clue: "Shine across the shield of truth is what the Blue Moon does." (Halliwell's Pendant)

Placement: Blue Moon orb → Shield rune

Fire God[]

Fire God icon (D2 FoV quest item)

Fire God
A red orb that emits blistering heat.

Fire God (D2 FoV quest item)

Fire God orb

Found: In the study use the four pressure plates (in order: SW-NW-SE-NE) to spawn Fire God

Clue: "The Fire God resides in the snake's mind." (Engineer's Sword)

Placement: Fire God orb → Snake rune

Moss Rat[]

Moss Rat icon (D2 FoV quest item)

Moss Rat
A green orb that smells of summer forests.

Moss Rat 2 (D2 FoV quest item)

Moss Rat orb

Found: Near large hole in west, reveal elevated platforms that lead to Moss Rat

Clue: "The Moss Rat is the opposite of life." (Gula's Book)

Placement: Moss Rat orb → Death rune

Violet Blast[]

Violet Blast icon (D2 FoV quest item)

Violet Blast
A violet orb that feels like an electric current.

Violet Blast (D2 FoV quest item)

Violet Blast orb

Found: Atop the west side of the main staircase reveal a ramp leading to Violet Blast

Clue: "Gold is what the Violet Blast craves most." (Zombie Jake's Ring)

Placement: Violet Blast orb → Gold rune

White Snow[]

White Snow icon (D2 FoV quest item)

White Snow
A white orb that contains winter within.

White Snow (D2 FoV quest item)

White Snow orb

Found: Manipulate the three colored torches to spawn White Snow in the nearby chapel

Clue: "The dark mountains are covered in White Snow." (Maxos Bracelet)

Placement: White Snow orb → Mountain rune