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Chanelle is an illusionist, merchant, and skilled alchemist who resides at Chez Chanelle on Lanilor Lane in Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. She has lived in Aleroth since the age of twelve and loves the city, despite being concerned by both the increased presence of undead and Deodatus' rule.

She can change your character's sex and appearance, brew potions (avoiding a trip to the Battle Tower), and sells both herbs and potions (some of which are ultimate-quality). Her prices are reduced by 25 percent if you help her uncle Baldini during the quest Baldini's Bouquet.


Chanelle can be mindread for 22500 exp to increase your Master Herbalist skill by one, revealing "The ease with which I brew potions! I am truly a great herbalist."