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The Charcoaled Manuscript is a manuscript in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.


Charcoaled manuscript is the Blutsporn edition of the Chambers of Blood script. Its accidental use by Tamara lead to the real summoning of the demon, Astaroth during a performance of the play, causing the death of all in attendance and resulting in the permanent closure of the Playhouse.


Found in a concealed room in the Playhouse Cellar under Lanilor Lane in Aleroth.


This piece of paper looks like it was once thrown on the fire but, inexplicably, one certain incantation didn't burn:

Astaroth Dux magnus et fortis, prodiens angelica specie turpissima, insidensque in dracone infernali, et viperam portans manu dextra.

On the back you find but one, ominous word: Blutsporn ...


  • The text appears to be Latin, poorly translated to English: "Astaroth, great and mighty duke, come forth angel upon an infernal dragon, the serpent takes your hand."