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The argument window. Perception level 10 allows you to see the bonus points associated with argument method - "(Intimidate)(1)"

Charisma is a measure of how well a character can manipulate others. It affects starting attitude with an NPC which in turn affects how much it costs to buy and sell items with them. Charisma also affects the amount of points gained per round when arguing with someone within the Rock Paper Scissors minigame.

Trading effects[]

Each point in Charisma increases Attitude by 5.

Attitude = (Charisma + Reputation) x 5

Since Attitude and Bartering directly influence how much it costs to buy and sell with merchants, increasing Charisma and Reputation can significantly speed up the process of trading at cost.

Cost of Buying Items = ((-0.005 x Attitude) + 2.5) - (Bartering Skill / 5); (x 100 for %)

Cost of Selling items = 1 / ((-0.005 x Attitude) + 2.5) - (Bartering Skill / 5); (x 100 for %)

Points Cost of Buying Cost of Selling
Charisma 0
Reputation 0
Bartering 0
250% 40%
Charisma 0
Reputation 0
Bartering 5
150% 66%
Charisma 5
Reputation 0
Bartering 0
237.5% 42%
Charisma 5
Reputation 0
Bartering 5
137.5% 72%
Charisma 5
Reputation 15
Bartering 5
100% 100%

Rock Paper Scissors[]

When two characters disagree, they must choose their method of argument (intimidate, charm, or reason) and compete in several rounds of rock paper scissors to decide who wins the argument. The winner is the first to reach 10 points. Charisma influences how many points you gain when you win a round. Every time a character wins a round, they will gain points equal to their level of charisma +3, or +4 if they chose a 'correct' method of argument (this varies depending on the context). Level 10 or higher Perception allows you to see the bonuses associated with all argument methods.


Because only 10 points are required to win, only 1 skill point into Charisma is necessary to get a full advantage, as a correct argument method will give 5 points per win. Two points into Charisma will allow a 2 turn win even if you choose incorrectly. It's not recommended to invest 5 points into charisma +1 to make the minigame a 1 turn win.

The artificial intelligence does not seem to follow any pattern. it appears to choose between rock, paper and scissors at random. (This is pure conjecture, the pattern it follows might be very complicated, at any rate it appears as if the AI is trying to win.) Therefore, the only consistent strategy is as follows:

  • Have 1 point in Charisma before starting the conversation
  • Quick-save when the choice screen appears (intimidate, charm or reason)
  • Choose a method, then attempt to win the battle of luck.
  • If you fail, load the game and try again.

Skill growth[]

Charisma Ability level Benefit
1 Attitude +5

4 or 5 points per win

2 Attitude +10

5 or 6 points per win

3 Attitude +15

6 or 7 points per win

4 Attitude +20

7 or 8 points per win

5 Attitude +25

8 or 9 points per win

6 Attitude +30

9 or 10 points per win

7 Attitude +35

10 or 11 points per win

Skill & Gear[]

  • The Considerate trait increases Charisma by +1.
  • The Politician talent increases Charisma by +2 (and reduces intelligence by -1).
  • Charisma can be increased to +5 with nothing but gear and trait, although if your aim is to trade at cost, the amulet slot is better used towards Bartering skill.

Items that offer Charisma Bonuses (+1):

  • Amulets: Tooth Amulet or Sharp Tooth Amulet
  • Rings (+1 each) : Tooth Ring or Sharp Tooth Ring
  • Belts: Tooth Belt or Smelly Panties