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Child of the Chaos is the second novella in the Divinity series by Rhianna Pratchett. The story precursors the events of Beyond Divinity.


Following the defeat of the Black Ring in 1218 AD and the recovery of the baby Damian by Lucian, Child of the Chaos tells of the upbringing of Damian under the divine's care. Even as a baby, Damian is able to wield the powers of Chaos and as he grows, his power does.

As a teenager, Damian becomes a part of the Paladins, freeing Lucian to investigate Black Ring sightings. During these years, the gods begin to meddle in mortal affairs, leading Lucian to the rift temple and through the rifts to other dimensions, including modern-day earth. Damian also meets Ygerna as seemingly unassuming witch, who is in fact the daughter of a Black Ring necromancer, who was executed by the Divine and his paladins.

Working for the Ring, Ygerna reveals some of the power within Damian; events during their relationship reveal her true intentions to Lucian, who summarily executes her after interrogation. Damian, seeing her execution by accident, turns against the divine and joins the Ring as their leader.

During a showdown between Lucian and Damian at the rift temple, Damian is sealed within Nemesis, his memory erased. Taken in by the Raanaar, who attempt to return him to the realm from which he came, Damian slowly recovers his memories (but does not reveal this to his hosts). Unable to return him, the elder travels through to Rivellon and discovers the truth behind Damian.

Whilst the elder is journeying, Damian steals the protective shield of the Raan from their temple, enabling the demonic realm to enter Raan lands once more. After a bitter battle, of which the Raan are constantly on the losing end, Asmodheus finally ends the battle, taking the elder's daughter as his slave and Nemesis as his realm. Damian's location remains unknown at the end of the story.

Canon contradictions[]

Following the release of Divinity: Original Sin II the novella has fallen out of line with the official Larian Studios timeline. In the novella, Zandalor aided Lucian in wielding his powers, however, in Original Sin II he received tutor ledge at the Academy of the Seven from the tutors who taught Godwoken there. Furthermore, Lucian has a second son, Alexandar who grew up with Damian. This second child is not referenced at all in the novella, however, this does not necessarily mean the events as a whole could not have happened as written; the story focuses on events directly related to Lucian and Damian and is told from a perception outside of the character's view and focuses solely on key events relating to Damian.

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