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The Church is a small church in Ferol, north of the cursed abbey.


One of the main churches in Ferol, operated by Father Danos and Father Theofolus in 1214 AD. The building finds itself is being haunted by the angered spirits dwelling within its walls. The source of this haunting stems from the actions of one of one Vinny, an orphaned ward of the church who has been urinating in the wine chest.


Outside of church is well decorated. Windows are made of coloured glass and statues placed at corners of building.

In the main hall are wooden benches at both sides of entrance. On the lefthand of the entrance are a holy book and decorative bowls, whereas righthand side has a confessional, which leads to secret library and a small altar. The main altar is to the rear of church, along with the wine chest.

Library is small, made as cellar. There's couple bookshelves, boxes, and books littered on the floor.


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