Claire's House is a two-story home in the northwest corner of the Crow's Nest district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. It is situated northeast of Wild Willows Manor and northwest of the Forgotten Crypt entrance. Approaching the flaming house automatically begins a conversation with Claire. She asks for your help, beginning the quest And it Burns, Burns, Burns if you agree to brave the flames within. Note that refusing the quest not only results in the death of Claire and her baby, but also prevents you from entering her house.


There are a handful of level 35 skeletons to deal with in the house. One is on the first floor, and the rest are upstairs. Also beware of the flames throughout the house, which will damage you periodically. Also note that the layout of the house is nearly identical to the Cosy Dwelling on Lanilor Lane.

Ground FloorEdit

There is nothing of interest in the foyer or first room of the house. The western room contains Claire's Love Letters (quest item) on a desk in the southwest corner. On the elevated wooden platform in the room, in front of the window on the southern wall you'll find a Fireproof Chest. It contains random loot, but locked and requires a key (found upstairs).

North of the common area you'll find the stairs leading up to the second floor.

Second FloorEdit

Turn south at the top of the stairs to enter the first room. You'll find the Jewel Box Key on the floor near the northwest corner of the room, next to the tipped over bookcase.

The eastern room contains a crib with Claire's Baby (quest item) behind a collapsible partition near the southeast corner. In the northeast corner of the room, on a small round table, is the Jewel Box containing Claire's Wedding Ring (quest item). In the recessed area to the east you'll find an unlocked chest containing random loot. Finally, near the southwest corner of the room, you'll find the Fireproof Chest Key in a washtub to unlock the Fireproof Chest in the western room downstairs.




  • Chest (unlocked, random loot)
  • Claire's Baby (quest item)
  • Claire's Love Letters (quest item)
  • Claire's Wedding Ring (quest item, in Jewel Box)
  • Fireproof Chest (locked, random loot)
  • Fireproof Chest Key
  • Jewel Box Key